Kingdom Life San Antonio

Our mission is revival.


Our desire is to partner with Jesus to both see His children awaken to their true identity as Sons and Daughters of God and see His Kingdom established on earth in its fullest expression.


intimacy & family

Intimacy with God and connection with each other are hallmarks of our community.


lavish worship

We choose to worship God with all that we are; extravagant and free.


love & power

We've been filled with God's power and His love to demonstrate the Kingdom of God.


honor & freedom

God sets us free so we can live free. In our freedom we choose to honor all for who they are in God.

Dan McCollam


Sun. Feb 28th, 5:15pm

Join us Sunday night for an evening with Dan McCollam. Dan travels internationally as a prophetic speaker and trainer. He strategizes with churches and individuals to create prophetic cultures in which everyone can hear God, activate and mobilize their prophetic words, and express their own unique prophetic diversity.

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